Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

Funny Girl is set in London in the 1960's.  The story is primarily set around a young, beauty queen from Blackpool, Barbara, who suddenly moves to London with the hopes of becoming the next Lucille Ball.  There she discovered by a surprisingly non-sleazy agent who promptly changes her name to Sophie Straw.  We follow her rise to fame and get to know the writing staff and her co-star of the show that will thrust her into the spotlight "Barbara and Jim".

I adore Nick Hornby and "Funny Girl" did not disappoint.  You instantly fall in love with Sofie/Barbara and the rest of the crew.  The writing was excellent and touched on some of the hot-button issues of the 60's.  The little peeks of the behind the scenes at the tv show seemed spot on with memoirs i have read of people in the business and created a unique backdrop for the story.

My biggest and probably only complaint with this book is that I didn't find it very funny.  Not really an issue, but with a title like "Funny Girl"  I did expect a few laughs.

Overall a great read with a variety of characters you will love.

4/5 Stars

Any other Nick Hornby fans out there?

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