Saturday, January 23, 2016

Product Review: Hello Sailor

I had been eyeing this for a while now.  I think I stumbled upon the product page when I was browsing on Ulta and thought it sounded really cool.  Who wouldn't want to try a blue lipstick?

What is it?
"Hello Sailor" by Lipstick Queen is a BLUE lipstick.  The blue color is supposed to actually appear as a berry shade on your lips that adjusts to your natural color.  They also claim it will make your teeth appear whiter.  The Lipstick contains vitamin E that is supposed to be super hydrating as well.

It retails for about $25.  I bought mine on Birchbox, but a lot of other places carry it as well.  It's available in lip-gloss form too, if that is more your style.

What did I think?


While this obviously doesn't necessarily mean much for the overall product, its important.  Hello Sailor comes in a cute little box, classic Lipstick Queen, but blue with a cute sailor pinup on one side.  The tube is a nice solid metal tube in a pretty metallic blue.  I loves how good of quality the tube feels.


I'm not sure if my expectations were just a little too high for this, but I was a little underwhelmed.  The color was surprisingly sheer. It's a lipstick so I thought the berry color would be more opaque, however it really was more like a tinted balm.  The color it produced was very pretty though and very flattering.  It also made my lips shiny and look healthy.  It definitely feels very moisturizing.  I also loved how easily it slides on your lips.  You can feel the quality.

At $25 this product was more of a "splurge" for me, especially for a lipstick. So I'm not sure i'd buy it again, but I'll definitely be enjoying my tube for now.

What's the "craziest" beauty product you just had to try?

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