Monday, January 25, 2016

Pippa: Surviving A Blizzard With A Puppy

Welcome to my first Pippa post!
"Finally a post all about me?"-Pippa probably
We live on the East coast, Philadelphia to be more specific, so Pips and I got to experience the joys of Jonas this weekend.  the timing was a little less than ideal, but when is inclement weather ideal? we were supposed to go to Rhode Island this weekend for a girl's trip with my roomie, her pup Pickles and out other friend. As driving 5 hours away on Friday proved to be unwise we decided to have a little weekend long slumber party at our place instead.  Even though we were all sad to not be enjoying a little beach trip, I think we ended up having way more fun.

While it wasn't Pippa's first time playing in the snow, it was going to be the first time she'd be seeing a lot of it for multiple days in a row!
What is this stuff?
 Here's what I'd recommend you have on hand:

  • Warm Clothes
    • I didn't have a snowsuit per say, but I made sure to layer her up whenever we went outside. She wore a onesie with a coat on top.
      Making snow angels
    • I'm seriously considering investing in a snowsuit though, she loved to frolic but got cold quickly!
      From Amazon
  • Towels and a bowl of water waiting for you
    • Wet dog + house = huge mess, enough said really
    • I recommended a bowl of water too because I made sure to thoroughly clean off Pippa's paws when we came in.  Rock salt and animals do not mix.  Don't want to take any chances and my sink is on the opposite end of our row house. 
      Bedtime after a day playing in the snow
    • Snow boots would probably also solve this issue, I might need to order these from amazon(plus how cute?!)
      From amazon
  • Plenty of dog food and treats
    • Grocery stores are always a mad house right before a big storm with people stalking up on supplies, don't forget your pooch in the rush!  A trip to the pet store may not be possible for a few days.
      Pippa watching the shoveling
  • Plenty of toys
  • Optional: Pee pads
    • This might be a controversial one in the dog community.  I don't personally use them on a daily bases but it's nice to have them on hand for situations like this.  Before we managed to shovel the side walk completely and a place in the backyard for the pups to go it was nice to put this up on our covered porch.  Makes clean up easier and you aren't risking any accidents inside.
      Pickles trying to find a safe spot
What are must haves did I leave off the list?  East coast friends, how did you survive?

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