Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To Apply Fake Lashes

In my last post I told you about my Jingle VoxBox and mentioned I got some fun falsies to try.  I thought it'd make sense to do a little tutorial on how to apply them.  It can be a little tricky and took me a few tries before I felt comfortable with them.

I don't wear them very often, but sometimes you just want a little oompf to your normal make-up routine.  False lashes are a great way to get that!

I received these lashes for free from Influenster for reviewing purposes.  All opinions are my own.

You'll need: Lashes and Lash Glue.
I'm using the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive w/ aloe in clear &  Kiss True Volume lashes in Natural Plump

For the sake of the tutorial I have no other eye makeup on, but you'll want to apply ALL of your eye make before putting on your falsies.

Step 1:
Place the lash on your own lash line to see if you need to trim any excess. If you do, trim away! The lash width should be a little shorter than your natural lash line to look the most natural.  (This will help them fit better and look a little more natural)

Step 2:
Apply a thin line of glue along the lash line of the falsies and wait.  I usually let them dry for about 30 seconds.  (This lets the glue get a little tacky and not so "wet" which will help them adhere better)
Don't blow on them though!  This just introduces bacteria which you certainly don't want on your eyes.

Step 3:  Place lash on the part of your lashes at the lash line and tap them down to the skin.

Step 4:  Adjust until just right and wait a second for it to adhere.

Step 5:  Enjoy the extra drama!

Add more mascara, if your natural lashes don't quite match.

Here are some YouTube videos I think are great resources too:

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