Monday, January 18, 2016

Product review: Influenster Jingle Jam box

Who doesn't love getting free stuff in the mail? I know I do! So I was beyond excited when I got this lovely red box on my doorstep.

If you don't know what Influenster is, I recommend you go check it out now! Basically it's a review website/online community that acts as a middleman between consumers, you, and all kinds of companies trying to sell you things. Every once in a while they'll send out products for you to review on all your social media platforms.

All that to say, here is what I got in my Jingle Vox Box and what I thought of it:
Please note:  I received all of these items for free in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own though.

-Kiss True Volume eyelashes in "Natural Plump" and Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive in clear (retail for $2.98 and $3.99) 5/5 stars

Impression:  I was really excited to get these.  I love trying out falsies.  Was pleasantly surprised by how natural these looked.  Perfect for a night out, when you want a little more oompf, but don't really want the over-the-top drama normally associated with fake lashes.  The glue was good, just a normal eyelash glue as far as I could tell.

Here is what they looked like on:

I don't have any other eye makeup/mascara/liner on in either pic.

- Olaf Itty Bitty from Hallmark (retail for $6.95) 5/5 stars

 An action shot of Pippa

Impression:  I've seen these at the Hallmark store and think they are super adorbs.  They come in all kinds of characters. (Check out the really cute star wars ones.  Chewbacca, Yoda, Han & Leia.)  a nice, little gift idea or stocking stuffer.  Quality seems pretty good and they are about 4 inches tall.

-Biscoff Cookies (retail for $5.99) 5/5 stars

Impression:  Most people have probably seen these around.  They are speculoos cookies, a spiced, Dutch cookie along the lines of gingerbread, but a little bit different.  (great description, I know).  They are pretty yummy.

-Cetaphil Moisterizing Cream (retail for $12.95) 5/5 stars
Impression: Another thing I was excited to see!  I actually own this in full size, so the sample size will go straight to my purse.  This cream is perfect for the dry Winter months.  So thick, but soaks right in your skin.  I also use Cetaphil face wash daily and the facial lotion with spf in Summer.  My dermatologist turned me on to the brand years ago.  I have sensitive dry skin and all their products are so gentle.  Highly recommend. 

-NYC Cityproof 24hr eyeliner in Black (retail for $..) 1/5 stars

Impression: I actually really hated this eyeliner.  When I first pulled it out of the box I was excited to try it.  The packaging looks a lot like the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners which are pretty awesome.  The NYC version?  Not so much.  Went on well enough but about 10 min later the line has already smudged all over my eyelid.  Within 2 hrs it was completely gone. Not a fan.

-Pure Ice nail polish in Home Run (retail for $2) 3/5 stars

Impression:  Immediately after seeing this, I liked the color.  This is probably my favorite color right now, so that was a nice bonus.  Went on like expected, one layer was more opaque than most inexpensive nail polishes but it still needs that second coat.  It wore off pretty quickly, but for the price?  A good grab.

Bonus:  I got a coupon for a free bag of Tater Tots!

Has anyone else gotten any Influenster boxes?  What was your favorite thing?

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